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Plum Ketchup Barbecue Pizza

Sometimes, my community behaves exactly as expected. For instance, we're into the distribution season of jam-club, so we put out a quick google survey asking people what they wanted. Three different people forgot to include their names. Three! I probably shouldn't be surprised, considering half the community finds google calendar an insurmountable technical challenge, but still. 

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Plum Ketchup

Did you know ketchup was not historically made from tomatoes? I didn't- although as I initially told my farmwife, I also didn't think it was particularly interesting. When I went a-Googling, I was expecting to find a culinary history full of stone fruits and maybe berries, but apparently tomato-ketchup's original ancestor was a 17th century Chinese condiment made of pickled fish and spices. Yes white people- we stole ketchup. Also, the early British versions were made primarily from mushrooms (!) and sometimes walnuts. Today's second most available commercial ketchup? A banana version that hails from the Phillipines. What? Why did we get stuck with Heinz? Kellie, I apologize- this is actually fascinating.

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The plum cake to rule them all

A couple of weeks? months? ago, before my computer decided to poop out on me, I picked too many plums. My roommate had emailed me because the community plum tree was overloading, and I jumped at the opportunity to appear helpful while acquiring free food. Since individual plums don't really fit into my everything-in-tupperware lifestyle, I decided to make dessert. I'm not much of a baker, but since every other food blogger on the internet is, I was sure that if I googled "plum cake", I would find directions to something edible.

Turns out there exists a the plum cake... a seminal plum cake. A plum cake whose recipe has been printed at least a hundred times. The one plum cake. What is happening with these people?

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