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Cheesy Pasta!

Some days you get canceled on by a friend who was supposed to take you skiing. Some days you get canceled on by two friends who were supposed to take you skiing, and on those days it is understandable if you wait four hours to take off your ski pants. Couches and disappointment go well with ski pants. Some days living in Utah is the best, and some days it's the worst. On all the days, it's a good idea to make cheesy pasta.

Cheesy pasta is always the best.

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Pasta with Wilted Anchovy-Radicchio and Fried Eggs

I've been eating so badly lately. After cooking my way through the perishables my family left behind (mostly cheese, eggs, milk and lemons, in case you were wondering), I got busy. At that point, I discovered that the take-out options on Cape Cod during the off season are terrible, so I ate all my cans beans. I didn't buy enough.

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