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Udon Pantry Soup

Since I still haven't finished my undergraduate degree, I'm currently taking a two-week intensive stable isotope course. (25 and still working on a bachelor's anyone? Just me? Ok then!). Starting Monday I've been in class at least 8 hours a day, and since campus isn't all that close to home, I've been leaving in the morning carrying two meals in my purse, and returning 13 hours later with my brain completely fried. Last night, in a stress-induced fit of bad decision making, I bought three packs of sour punch straws at a gas station on my way home and ate all of them while avoiding my dishes. This morning my teeth hurt, which is perhaps unsurprising. I hate getting older. Am I going to have to actually start flossing now? Adulthood sucks.

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Ginger Grapefruit Green smoothie

24 is unusual. Two of my best friends just got engaged, and I'm not at all panicked- just really happy, and excited for them. This may seem like a no-brainer, but marriage scares the crap out of me, and viscerally realizing that it's perfect for my friends is kind of a new thing. What can I say? I've got issues. Yesterday, while signing my life away to rent cross country skis, I found myself staring at my age the way I stare at the date for the first couple months of each new year- feeling a little out of sorts, and half convinced that it couldn't be truly real. My age is sneaking up on me... like bluegrass, and drinking green smoothies.

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