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Cucumber Apple Juice with Basil

This is what Santa Barbara looked like when I arrived Saturday afternoon. The wind was blowing hard enough that I had to store my clothes under a rock, and if you got below the level of the beach you could see a thin layer of soft sand blowing across the top like a dust storm. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but the colder weather and the wind tinted the water nearly Northwestern. Despite the wind and the chill (and the strange looks I was catching from fully clothed strangers) I walked straight into the waves and dove in. Glorious. How can I live in Utah? Honestly, what am I doing here?

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Ginger Grapefruit Green smoothie

24 is unusual. Two of my best friends just got engaged, and I'm not at all panicked- just really happy, and excited for them. This may seem like a no-brainer, but marriage scares the crap out of me, and viscerally realizing that it's perfect for my friends is kind of a new thing. What can I say? I've got issues. Yesterday, while signing my life away to rent cross country skis, I found myself staring at my age the way I stare at the date for the first couple months of each new year- feeling a little out of sorts, and half convinced that it couldn't be truly real. My age is sneaking up on me... like bluegrass, and drinking green smoothies.

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