Cranberry Sauce and Sriracha Grilled Cheese

Hello! Does the news make you want to cry right now? Because between the tax bill, net neutrality, public lands and everybody being fired for sexual harassment, this has not been an easy week to stay optimistic in America. The night the tax bill passed the Senate, a friend of mine texted me the words "ordinary life is a nightmare" and I can't even say it was hyperbolic. On Saturday, five thousand Utahns turned out to hear tribal leaders speak about protecting sacred lands, and just this morning we lost two million acres of  national monument.

(Also, I jogged for exactly 19 minutes last week and I think I'm still sore. This is not remotely important in reality, but my emotional response to it was dramatic.)

As an antidote to this madness, all I have to offer is a sandwich*. I was thinking I'd have to wait until next Thanksgiving to post it, but if I still have cranberry sauce in my fridge that means you could too. Also, I no longer have complete faith that there will necessarily BE a next Thanksgiving. Either way, it's a really good sandwich.

Cranberry Sriracha Grilled Cheese


So here's my vegetarian answer to the next-day turkey sandwich that everyone claims is the best part of Thanksgiving. Full disclosure: I have made cranberry sauce in July just for this purpose. Also, I once put turkey in one once for my non-vegetarian sister, who also happens to be a fairly sophisticated eater, and she liked my version better. BAM!

*Actually, that's a lie... I also have a request. Please call your representatives this week- the tax bill still isn't a done deal and neither is net neutrality. Find their information here!


Cranberry Sauce and Sriracha Grilled Cheese

Note: I know most people don't really need a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich. If you're not a recipe follower, the instructions here are easy: make a grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar, cranberry sauce and sriracha. For longer instructions, keep reading.


For two sandwiches:

4 slices good bread (I like mild sourdough, but anything works!)
1/2 cup packed grated cheddar
~1/4 cup cranberry sauce
1-2 tsp sriracha|

Figure out what is going to be the inside and outside of your sandwiches. Butter the outsides of the bread... I'm leaving the amount up to you (ALL THE BUTTER!). Spread about two tablespoons of cranberry sauce onto each of two slices of bread, and top with 1/4 cup of cheddar. Spread sriracha on the other slices of bread- half a teaspoon per sandwich will be pretty mild, and a full teaspoon will get you a good kick. I prefer more. Assemble sandwiches. 

Place sandwiches in a frying pan over medium-low heat and cook until the cheese is melted and the outsides are crispy.... I personally found this took about 10 minutes on each side, but watch it so your bread doesn't burn. Eat immediately!