That Cauliflower Thing

In a fit of madness sometime in January, I started a calculus class. My job does some education reimbursement, so I was looking into graphic design classes because while I'm a bit of a luddite technophobe, I do have to make a lot of flyers. The class I wanted wasn't until late spring, but looking at the course catalog triggered some introspection: I started wondering why I hadn't been taking classes and  thinking about whether I'm currently just wasting my time and how I don't know even how to make crossword puzzles or play the guitar and WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE and the next thing I know I'd signed up to take math for the first time in over a decade.

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Miso Soup

Hello again! It's been a while. At least month ago, I wrote a long, rambling thing about the Aziz Ansari situation. It was a good piece of writing, but I couldn't find a recipe to go with it. I'd been talking to a college friend, so I tried to recreate this squashy-pasta I used to make in our dorm kitchen. Turns out, it really isn't that good. I probably shouldn't have been surprised - all it contained was CSA squash, a dollar box of pasta and "parmesan" from my dining hall's salad bar- but at the time it felt magical. The ability to nourish myself was an accomplishment I held onto in those years, something I could do when my mental health and poor coping skills left me incapable of doing anything else. Realizing that squash pasta wasn't as good as I remembered-  I remember it tasting like butter, but in reality it was dry and under-seasoned- hurt. I cook better now, I suppose, which is good- as everyone around me has learned to cook (I am, after all, nearing 30) I haven't lost the feeling that food is part of who I am.

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Probably Appropriated Tomatillo Tortilla Soup

Things that are a problem when you're a terrible photographer who also thinks it's a good idea to write a food blog:

  1. Foodgawker will reject most of your photos

  2. When they tell you why, you won't understand the critique (seriously, how is this underexposed? Isn't it too bright? Can someone explain this to me?)

  3. Sometimes, on the day you were planning on cooking during the daylight, it's slush-snowing and gray and disgusting outdoors.

All of that is an explanation for why the background on this photo is literal snow.

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Samantha Bee's Kale and Rice

Guys, I'm getting weird. I mean, it's one thing to emotionally depend on her for my weekly dose of cathartic feminist rage, but I'm pretty sure cooking dinner based on Samantha Bee's old interviews is crossing a bridge into crazy stalker land. Like, if I asked someone where a recipe came from, and their answer was "an interview with my favorite comedian", I'd be pretty weirded out... but here I am, eating this thing for lunch again and using all my neighbor's kale.

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Baked Gigante Beans with Slow Roasted Tomatoes

There are some real advantages to 12-hour canning days. For instance, you can plug your electric car into a regular 110 volt outlet and be fully charged the next time you leave the house. You have enough time to listen to basically everything Lin Manuel Miranda has ever written consecutively. Also, if you're going to spend all day in a kitchen anyways, it's the perfect opportunity to slow-roast everything in sight.

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