Why are you writing this if nobody has questions?


But seriously, why?

Ok fine! I've been sporadically writing on this site for years without any particular success. That has been rewarding in itself, and also allowed me to write down some recipes I use for future reference. This go round, however, I've decided to be a little brave and try to get some readership. As a result, I'm gonna whole-ass this thing, and an "about" page is a pretty standard website feature.

Your blog's name is grammatically incorrect.

Erm, yes. I'm aware that's a big no-no in terms of blogging etiquette, but it's an inside joke, and it makes me happy. If I can ever figure out a way to translate my friend's dad's awesome accent (got that straight?) into the written word, I will explain it.

You live in Utah, but you're not from there. What's happening?

I'm originally from California (the San Francisco Bay Area), and went to college in Rhode Island. Living in Utah surprised the hell out of me too, since I'm very liberal and wildly atheist. How I got here is a story for another time, but I stayed because I love the mountains, and I love my hippie commune.

Wait, do you really live in a hippie commune?

Kinda! It's a hippie commune by Utah standards- in Berkeley it might be considered a very friendly neighborhood. Technically it's cohousing, sometimes called 'intentional community': we're 26 independently owned units with a common house and a bunch of community land that we manage together. We have a big community garden, and people keep chickens and llamas and rabbits.

Ok, but what does this look like on a daily basis?

We have potluck every Sunday night, community meetings twice a month and committees that handle everything from landscaping to celebrations. It's kind of like having a large extended family. Sometimes it takes forever to get anything done - at this writing, I think we actually have an ad-hoc committee that formed to change a light bulb - but I have found it incredibly rewarding

So you own your place?

Nope! I currently rent a room (board, really) from a married couple who also happen to be some of my best friends. They have two derpy dogs, a cat, and are still learning the ropes of community living.

Why are so many of your photos taken on wood chips and grass? Are you trying to be pretentious, or has table technology not yet come to Utah?

My kitchen- just recently redone by my lovely new roommates- actually has a great table. What it doesn't have is natural lighting, and I'm not a good enough photographer to manage without it. This means I take most of my food outside to take photos, and have to work with the available surfaces.

Why are there so many photos of ducks?

Because I just got ducks and I am SO EXCITED!!!! DUCKS!