Bourbon Peaches

Hello world! My work has been a little nutso recently, and then I made a 36-hour trip to Boston last weekend for my mother's 60th birthday. Also, jam club is officially up and running again- the 35lbs of apricots we put away a couple weeks back were just the start. Two Fridays ago, when I turned down a social invitation to do jam things, my friend was all "isn't Saturday jam club day?" and then I laughed like a crazy person because EVERY DAY IS JAM DAY. Do not test me. I will pelt you with apples and not even shout "rock!" as I drop them. I have 302 pounds of apples. We can spare a few for revenge.

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Tomato Soup with Corn, Harissa and Oregano

Things I learned last summer:

  • Attempting to can can 1,000 lbs of fruit with two and a half people is a very bad idea, even if one of you is very unemployed

  • You really need to peel peaches before you cut them in half

  • Tiny peaches are the devil's work

  • For whole-peeled-style tomato chunks, the trick to density is letting them drain for at least three hours prior to canning.

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Tomato Bruschetta

I spent my last Saturday night putting linseed oil on a garbage enclosure because at Wasatch Commons, we know how to paaaaaaarty. I also had to renew my passport this week, which made me feel super old (I used up a 10-year passport) and reminded me of all the awesome places I haven't been going lately. I think at this point in my life I was expecting to be living in Uzbekistan working for the UN and counting tree frogs on the weekend. I have friends who do that kind of thing.

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Cheater's Tortilla Españolaa

I ate my first tortilla española in Spain on a foreign language exchange trip I really kind of hated. I was genuinely irritated about how minimally academic the whole thing was, a reaction which perfectly encapsulates the nerdy, well-meaning, privileged brat I was at seventeen. I saw Goya's dark room, ate perfect grilled sardines and learned the difference between tea and infusion by myself at a beautiful old cafe- and somehow, I resented feeling like I hadn't earned them. I mean really- would my doing more homework have made the trip any less of a gift from my parents?

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