Thursday, June 15, 2017

Here are some things: episode 1

Heyo! I have like three things I need to photograph in order to write about, but truth be told I haven't been feeling great lately (my boss, when she saw me this morning: "Girl, you look like shit!"). I've mostly been sleeping and eating gluten-free crackers. Don't judge me... my roomie has Celiacs. In between, I found some interesting things on the internet and I thought I'd share them:
  • Miss Eaves "Thunder Thighs" - I think I'm in love. I've watched it like 18 times this week. I want to send it to everyone I know. Can we have more of this in pop culture please?
  • "In America, important men were desirable. Important women had to be desirable". The article (here) gives what I feel is an overgeneralized summary of nationality and sexism (and, you know, ignores race and class completely), but that one line pinpoints something that's been making me angry lately.
  • Vegetarian Bacon Mayonnaise : I am HIGHLY skeptical, but also intrigued. If anyone tries this, let me know.
  • So... Alex Honnold free-soloed El Cap? Holy crap. I've started climbing again recently, and for the record, I consider free-soloing not only WAY past my personal acceptable level of risk but also a little selfishly irresponsible. And yet. Maybe breaking the boundaries of what's possible for a human being requires irresponsibility. Maybe it's really none of my business. Regardless I firmly agree with this author on the immensity of the achievement.
  • Here is Ice Cube doing a great job explaining to Bill Maher that he is a piece of shit needs to move past just apologizing and examine his own racial biases, conscious or not. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Billl Maher actively disagrees with and then ignores him. Thoughtful expression of reality: 0, white fragility: 1. Personally, I really admire Ice Cube's commitment to getting his point across anyways. 
Lastly, I'm on Instagram! My username is tencansbeans, and you can follow me here. You should be warned, however, that it's gonna be 68% photos of ducks and protest dogs. 

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