Friday, May 26, 2017

Hello from Providence

Good morning! I'm in Rhode Island, where I'm trying to figure out how the universe hasn't invented nap cafes. Seriously, we have places you can go pet a cat in a strange city but nowhere to nap? Cmon humanity.  My stomach is churning with a strange mix of nostalgia, excitement and anxiety- either that, or I've over caffeinated myself in preparation for my reunion.

Since I have nothing new to say about food (that is, until I can talk Seven Stars Bakery into giving me all their recipes), I have decided to post some pictures of animals. Here are some pictures of dogs supporting Bears Ears National Monument! And here is a picture of my brand new ducklings:

(I'm sorry the picture is blurry- it's the only good one, because the heat lamp screws up the lighting)

Yes, I now have ducks... which is not at ALL weird. I can envision my next several days of conversations: "How's your surgical residency? Prestigious and super important for society? That's great! I live in Utah and my biggest accomplishment is owning like 3.5 baby birds, the latest of which I've abandoned to come to this reunion".

Totally normal conversation. Definitely helping my anxiety.

Anyways, they have giant, cold, floppy feet and sometimes out of nowhere they lose their balance and fall over. I'm officially in love. Happy Friday- and if anyone is reading this, PLEASE get around to inventing a nap cafe.

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