Sunday, June 28, 2015

Overnight Oats (and my commenting request is still at large)

I was up at six this morning. No, it's not because I've suddenly become a morning person (note to universe: please make me a morning person). I'm just so out of whack that I slept most of Sunday and not at all last night. Six am was when I declared defeat. I know other people have control over their sleep cycles, but most of the time mine is a puppet master.

Also, it was too hot- inside and out- at 6am. Utah!

On the bright side, I already had breakfast made. These last two weeks, what with having to be far away from home at 8am (with my brain functioning, no less), oatmeal in mason jars has been my salvation. It's official... I have a mason jar problem. I can't help it- I can fill them with liquid, put them in my purse and not have them leak! Why haven't regular travel cups/tupperware figured this out yet?

[Answer: because regular travel cups are designed for easy access drinking, which eliminates the whole 'seal cap and then screw down' thing that makes mason jars work. I hate it when I'm smart enough to answer my own questions.]

Also I'm guessing that for most people, carrying several meals and coffee in a purse is not a high priority. Maybe I should get a lunchbox.

Back to the point- did you know you could make oatmeal overnight? Fancy oatmeal, the kind that usually takes ~40 minutes to cook?The last two Saturday nights, I've put a whole bunch of steel cut oats in a pot with water, left it overnight, and the next morning I had fully cooked oatmeal, just ready to be jarred up and topped. This is exactly my kind of food- planning+laziness = delicious. Even nutritious! It allows me to do the work when I'm feeling most productive (not morning) and reap the rewards when I'm running late and hungry (every morning). WIN. So good that last night, even though I don't have to be in class at 8am, I soaked some oats. This morning? I even ate them from a bowl.

And yes. I did put cocoa powder in my oatmeal. You're welcome.

Overnight oats
I'm pretty sure this was just common knowledge

Note: the ratios below are a good guideline, but I generally make bigger batches because I can eat almost two cups of oatmeal in one go.

For the oatmeal:
1Tbsp butter
1 cup steel cut oats
3 cups water
pinch salt

This morning's toppings/mix-ins:
1 tsp cocoa powder
1.5 tsp maple syrup
couple spoonfuls of yogurt
toasted coconut

In a pot, melt the butter over medium heat. Add oats and cook, stirring frequently, until the whole mess starts to smell toasty. Add the water and a good pinch of salt, cover and bring to a boil. When you've hit boiling, take the pot off the heat and leave covered overnight.

The next morning, divide oats up among tupperware/mason jars/bowls and add deliciousness! I suggest nuts, fruit if you're fancy enough to have it, and yogurt. I know the last thing sounds weird, but I love how the sour tastes against the whole mess. Since it can't be heated, it's often a last minute addition.

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