Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New commenting setup (and a favor?)

Well good morning! I'm house-sitting for a friend, so I was woken up around six am by two hungry greyhounds. Two! Also there's currently a cat digging in my purse. On the bright side, I'll definitely be on time for class.

On a less adorable note, I'm trying to figure out a workable commenting system for this blog. As most of you know, I am absolutely horrendous with technology, so coding my own was clearly not an option. I added some weird, third-party commenting system the internet recommended and (here comes the favor!) I could use some help testing it. So! If you've got a minute, I'd love it if you tried to post something- what I'd like is for you to a) be able to comment b) without having to create a separate login but c) be required to input some sort of name/identifier so everyone doesn't just show up as 'anonymous'. Also, I may have accidentally erased all previous comments. I'm working on that one.

Feedback both requested and greatly appreciated :D

Love and radishes,

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