Saturday, January 10, 2015

Resolution: failed

Do I win? Do I win the award for fastest resolution failing?

I made some mayonnaise, and some potato wedges to dip the mayonnaise in. I made some rice and beans and kale with anchovy dressing, which was weird but delicious, and took it skiing. I also got dropped from my choir for not being good enough, and worked an unexpected 12 hour shift. It's been an interesting week.

I'm also working on making my apartment look like I actually live here, starting with photos of my friends. I'm broke, so I'm doing this the jenkety way.

Step 1: buy a bunch of gold and black frames from the Mormon consignment shop
Step 2: hang them, decide that the gold ones look terrible
Step 3: spray paint everything black

I got before photos from one batch of frames, and after photos from the second. Additionally, I wish I'd thought of the spray painting thing before I bought all the frames, because I would have bought only wooden frames. It's tough to get metal to hold spray paint.

Step 4 is to hang everything back up. Wish me luck!

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