Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soup at an inappropriate hour

I'm definitely afraid of this space. I've had plans all week to map out some posts, to photograph some recipes... I even started writing about a bread pudding I used to make in college. I've been cooking too; things I felt I could attach stories. They all photographed terribly. Know what I haven't done?

Tonight I got home from work at 9:45. I'm not sure if my first bus even passed me by; they certainly didn't stop, and I was too absorbed playing 2048 to care. I stayed on the second one about a mile past my stop, texting my feelings to a friend who is too far away.  I walked two mindless miles out of my way, but when I finally made it home I made soup.

There's gotta be something driving this, some reason that I need to cook. Even on days when I eat four chocolate chip cookies in as many minutes, days when I'm absolutely not hungry or awake or prepared enough, I chop an onion and peeled a butternut squash and listen to this lovely lady.

I didn't actually eat four chocolate chip cookies today... but I may have eaten five.

When I was trying to take this picture, I came thisclose to dropping my iphone into the soup. True story.

It's after midnight where I am, and I"m still typing and eating soup. I don't have the energy to upload the recipe now, but I promise it will come soon.


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