Monday, November 11, 2013

This post is not about food

It's mostly because I feel bad that I haven't posted. Not because I'm letting anyone down, but because my reasons from procrastination were totally horrible. My thought process went sort of like this:

  1. Dude! I should post that thing I ate three times this week because it was delicious, and both awesome and jankety.
  2. Dude! I actually took pictures of that thing I ate three times this week!
  3. Rats. My pictures stinks. I should eat it a fourth time this week.
  4. Bigger rats. I'm out of photogenic bread. Also, I'm out of bread.
  5. Now that was three weeks ago.
I sound like the least responsible adult ever. Or at least the laziest. Can I convince you that I've actually been eating food? I can totally feed myself without bread. If I couldn't, I'd buy less awesome bread when I went to the grocery store, instead of waiting until I both end up in Providence and remember I need bread at the same time. I'm not lazy! Just snobby and forgetful! So much better!

I'm going to stop talking now, but before I go I offer the following. My friend Alex thought it was hilarious in text message form, and I'm really not funny enough to avoid reusing material. Here you go:

I am not sure what it said, but I said please get off my deck.


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