Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cocktail hour

Oh baby.

This cocktail came to me from buzzfeed via the facebook of someone I'm not friends with in real life. Don't judge me. I also took these photos with my iphone, because I've lost the cable that goes with my real camera.

Judgement aside, there was a carton of figs in my fridge (thanks, family!) and I wanted to celebrate my first week of living alone and decided to write about it. Drinking alone = disturbing. Drinking alone and blogging about it = totally legitimate.

You muddle some mint leaves, a fig, and some brown sugar and then add bourbon and top with ginger ale. No muddler or cocktail shaker? No problem!

Does anyone actually own a muddler? Anyways, this thing is CRAZY good- and I'm a girl who normally doesn't like that much extraneous stuff messing with my bourbon. I could keep writing about it, but I think I'll go make myself one instead.

Fig and Bourbon Fizz
Stolen from here

Note: I generally disapprove of ginger ale, because ginger beer is such a superior being. In this case, however the mildness of ginger ale is a good thing, because it allows the fig taste to really come through.

1 fresh fig
6 mint leaves
1 Tbsp brown sugar
2 oz bourbon
4-8 oz ginger ale
lots of ice

In a cocktail shaker or weird plastic container, muddle fig, mint and sugar until you get a pulpy, gloppy mess. Add bourbon, then fill shaker with ice. Shake for at least 30 seconds, then strain into a glass filled with ice cubes. If you're me, this will require an actual strainer. Top with ginger ale.