Saturday, August 31, 2013


AAAAAAH! I was feeling so, so great about things- about my weird future hermit lifestyle, my half job, my night school classes. Then I went home and talked to a bunch of my friends, and mostly still felt great.

It was the grocery store that killed me.

That? That is half of the "inorganic carrots, radishes, beets and cabbages" section at Berkeley Bowl. HALF!! Look how beautiful it is! Look how many colors! And that's just the inorganic section! WHY AM I IN NEW ENGLAND?

(Also, I went to a Giants game on Thursday, and when I went to throw away my empty mustard packets, the waste bins were labeled recycling, compost, and landfill. Perfect.)

I promise there is a recipe coming soon, but for now, oh nonexistent readers, you shall have to be happy with pictures of beets. Who doesn't like pictures of beets? Internet: the only socially acceptable venue for talking to yourself. Now go read this and don't come back until you've forgotten how abruptly I ended this post. Bye Bye!

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