Sunday, August 18, 2013

I was supposed to be in Kenya

I really, really want to live in Nairobi. I have absolutely no idea where this fascination came from; nobody I know has been to Kenya in recent memory, and to my knowledge, none of the bits of Planet Earth that make me want to drop everything and become a nature photographer were filmed there. When put on the spot, I end up saying that I want to go because it’s where the United Nations Environment Program is headquartered, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm obsessed with Nairobi because of how cool the word sounds.

The actual point (there is a point!) is that today, in August of 2013, I am not where I expected to be.  I don’t really remember making an actual life plan, but I’m pretty sure that at 23 I was going to be making very little money, living at least six time zones from home and communicating primarily via mime.  I was definitely supposed to have graduated from college. Instead, I’m sitting on my grandfather’s couch on Cape Cod feeling alternately fine and hopeless, and wondering whether I’m ever going to finish school.

The solution is clearly to start a food blog.

That’s totally how the story goes, right? Someone feels confused and lost, starts a food blog, and bam! Five years later they’ve got a baby and a book deal because their life is so awesome that people like me will spend time and money for the privilege of using it for escapist purposes. On the off-chance that there is anyone reading this who isn’t my mom doesn’t know me well, here’s the rundown: the implication that I want either a book deal or a baby anytime soon (or ever, actually) – COMPLETELY sarcastic. I do, however, spend an egregious amount of time reading food blogs and will happily continue to buy any books the Orangette lady feels like writing.

So here goes! I know that starting a food blog without a recipe in the first post is probably a bad idea, but so is having a grammatically incorrect blog title and eating as much Cholula as I do on a regular basis, so really I’m just sticking to my guns. It’s definitely not because I’m petrified that my food photography and recipe writing skills aren’t up to snuff. No way, no how.

Goodbye for now,

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