Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Ideas on Toast

I like breakfast. I like eating pancakes at 5am during exams, and knowing everyone in my house's preferred bagel order. I even like going out to breakfast with my grandfather at 7:30am because, as he once told me, "decent people do not eat breakfast after 8." Most of all, I like it when it's Saturday, and there are too many people sleeping on your couches, and all it takes to make everybody happy is ten minutes spent cracking eggs and trying to see how many english muffins you can fit into your toaster oven.

Hey Dad! Your house is super photogenic.

I know nobody actually needs a recipe for scrambled eggs, but I'd never put scallions and cheddar in eggs until my friend Trisha showed me, and now they're my go-to egg scrambling additions. Cheap, generally hiding in my fridge, and a perfect combination of flavors. Sold. 

So! Put some english muffins in the toaster, chop a scallion, break some eggs. (take a shower, shine your shoes...)


Grate some cheese. Observe that it is probably too much cheese. Decide not to care. 

On principle, I'm not gonna tell anyone how to scramble eggs, and besides, I was told once that I over-stir mine. I usually put the scallions in the pan with the eggs, and then add the cheese just before they're done, but it's scrambled eggs. Do it however you want. Wake up your sister. Remember the Saturday the evangelists came while you were eating breakfast, the eggs on Thanksgiving morning, your roommate making coffee. Pull out some plates. Miss, for the thousandth time, a white house in Providence. Eat eggs. Feel better.

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